Explorers' Club

Welcome to Green School South Africa’s live video-streaming online learning adventures!

Join us from 1 June until December 2020 for daily face to face Zoom classes from Grade R to Grade 8 with a special focus on the core skills of Maths, English and Afrikaans. The courses will cover all the key concepts and skills for the grade or phase and will be delivered by experienced teachers in a uniquely Green School way. Inquiry based, fun, problem-solving experiences.  

To tickle your child’s imagination, to show how much more there is to explore in the world, to create a sense of wonder.

Our experience with Explorers’ Club has taught us that while physical presence cannot be replaced by a screen, making new friends, laughing with each other, listening to questions and working together are valuable beyond measure. In these small classes, kids build relationships with their educators and classmates that go beyond the class. This is genuinely lovely to see and testament to the fact that children need social interaction.

Our teachers are all experienced educators, familiar with local and international curricula, who are passionate about academic standards and delivering the curriculum in a way that is joyful, interesting and engaging. We want children to look forward to classes and to come away challenged and motivated.

The themes are the umbrellas under which we house the content. For example, ‘ocean adventures’ can include mathematics, navigation, astronomy, history and literature in a unified way that captures the imagination. How did the Pirates of the Caribbean find their way to Jamaica?

Please browse through our courses listed below and have a look at our amazing educators who will lead your child’s adventure.

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How will this work?

Enrolment works on a month-to-month basis (our programme will last for 6 months from June to November) and you can enrol for one or more courses. Daily video sessions of 45 minutes each will be provided for 20 days every month.

Our courses have a sound academic foundation which are outlined underneath the description of each. 

In between months, we’ll have a 2-day break, and every second month, a week break.

Maximum group size is 10 and minimum is 5. If we do not have sufficient enrolments per course, we will engage with parents to either cancel or move to a different course.

Some classes are presented in a bilingual environment and some in either Afrikaans or English. 

Courses cost R2,000 per month. Our teachers are paid to present the classes. 



1 – 26 June 

1 – 28 July

6 August – 2 September 

7 September – 2 October

12 October – 6 November

11 November – 8 December


Ocean adventures

Ocean adventures

Land adventures

Land adventures

Sky adventures

Sky adventures

Please select the phase you wish to enrol for below. It will take you to a form where you can tell us about your child or children, which subjects they would like to study, their language preference, classes etc.

To ease the administrative side of payments, we have automated it with Payfast, an easy to use, quick payment system. This greatly reduces administrative time required and massively ease international payments.

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