Start your Green School adventure

The first step is to register interest, or make an initial application through our website. By starting the process, you are not committed to continue with your application. A child’s enrolment is a mutual decision-making process between families and the school. As places within classes fill quickly we recommend you submit an initial application so that we can support you with everything you need to make a final decision, well in advance of the beginning of a semester.

Academic year

The school day

Formal programme 8:15 – 13:00.
Playtime until 15:00

Primary School (Grades 1 – 5)
08:15 – 14:30

Middle School (Grades 6 – 8)
08:00 – 14:45

The school gates open at 07:30 and close at 15:00.
Aftercare is provided at an additional cost.

The school calendar is aligned to the calendar published by the Department of Education:

Term 1:

15 February – 23 April

Term 2:

3 May – 9 July

Term 3:

26 July – 1 October

Term 4:

11 October – 15 December

Moving to South Africa

Green School is truly a whole family experience. The collective energy, passion, creativity, skills, knowledge and cultural diversity of our faculty, staff, parents and our local neighbours is remarkable. At Green School it is our aim to build and develop an entire community of learners, not just learners.

All of our Green School learners and majority of their families will live near the school campus, in Paarl, Western Cape. Once we receive an application for enrolment, Green School is able to provide some support in moving to South Africa. We do not provide a relocation service, but we have a network or service providers who can competently assist families moving from abroad.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

School fees

Being part of the Green School family is a big decision, with many factors to consider. An important element of this decision is the financial commitment. The details of our fees, terms and conditions of tuition for the 2021 academic year are set out in our prospectus, as at January 2020. Please read this information and understand that the policies are applied consistently to all newly enrolling and continuing Green School families.

All new enrolments are subject to an application fee of R2,000 per South African family and R3500 per international family. Please refer to the information below to understand the total cost of enrolment and tuition for your family circumstance. The admission fee and refundable deposit are one-time payments and enrolments are confirmed only after an offer is made, accepted and refundable deposit paid. 

Application fee:

We charge an application fee of R2,000 per local family and R3,500 per international family. This fee is to process your application and does not guarantee acceptance in the school.

Refundable deposit:

Upon being accepted by the school, you will be required to pay a refundable deposit of R10,000 per learner. These funds are there to secure your seat and will be refunded when the learner leaves school.

Sibling discount:

The eldest sibling pays standard fees, the second sibling will receive 5% discount and further siblings will receive 10% discount each.

Students with special needs

Green School admits learners whose academic and personal needs can be met by the programmes and learner support services available at the school. While we aim for inclusiveness in our admissions decisions, we reserve the right to refuse admission to learners whom we determine will not benefit educationally from attending Green School. Careful consideration is exercised before admitting learners with physical or learning differences.

 The objective of Green School’s Admissions team is to establish a clear understanding of the learning needs of its applicants prior to making placement decisions.

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