Join our Virtual Open Days!

Due to the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown, all our open days have been moved to a virtual platform. Our previous international open day meetings were so much fun, that we have a series of new dates to choose from – with particular themes for every meeting.

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13 August 2020

30 July 2020

3 September 2020

During these virtual interactions, we will share with you Green School’s philosophy and approach to education in the following ways:

Curriculum – what do we teach, how do we teach it, what are the differences between the different international and the South African curricula, and what is unique and special about the Green School curriculum?
Thursday, 16 July, 20:00

Assessments – what are the different types of assessment, what is the purpose of assessments and how does Green School assess that our children have mastered the knowledge and skills they have been taught?
Thursday, 30 July, 20:00

Sustainability – how do we teach learners about sustainability to avoid paralysis when considering the global nature of our sustainability challenges and enable our young people to be active change makers? What are lessons that Green School has learnt in environmental education?
Thursday, 3 September, 20:00 

The magic of Green School is so palpable on our site, and we will try our best to share that in a virtual setting.

Join us for a series of webinars!

We are super excited about the technology we use to ensure our designs are GREEN.

Join us for a series of talks to find out what we’ve considered and what our engineers and specialists have designed just for us.

Comfort Engineers

Isn’t this a cool name? The engineers responsible for making sure our buildings are comfortable inside – the art of not being too hot or too cold.

Etienne and Dolf from Climetric carefully calculate the optimal combination of passive design, material use and insulation to achieve high levels of comfort inside our buildings. This is a fascinating science! Massive computing power that considers data inputs from weather stations, material specifications and costs.

Join us for a 30 minute talk with Etienne and Dolf to find out how we determined the best possible way to heat and cool our school.

Monday 24 August 2020 | 12:30 – 13:00 SAST

Living Building Challenge

This green building standard implores us to design and build not only with zero footprint, but buildings that are regenerative. Re-establish endemic eco systems, create a sense of place, create a place of beauty. Reading through the Living Building materials makes one almost out of breath with excitement of what the future of design and construction holds.

We were guided by Fabio and his team from Terramanzi in the selection of a green standard and this has taken us on quite a journey!

Join us for a 30 minute talk with Fabio and Emma to learn more about our journey.

Tuesday 25 August 2020 | 12:30 – 13:00 SAST

Acoustic Engineer

Did you know that due to typical poor acoustics in school class rooms, kids in the back row may only comprehend between 30 – 40% of what the teacher says?

Carefully considered acoustical performance of buildings can enormously improve this. With communication being imperative to education, we love having Ivan Lin and team, who have a real passion for the science and psychology of sound, advising us on acoustic performance.

Join us for an informative discussion with Ivan on how acoustic performance has been designed for our school.

Wednesday 26 August 2020 | 12:30 – 13:00 SAST

Beautiful, green interior

Finding the balance between beauty, green, budget and durability – not an easy task! Meet Andrea, who, with her team at D12, are designing and sourcing beautiful, natural finishes for our campus. Designing a library where kids want to curl up and read, designing and sourcing joinery that are made with local timbers, guide us in floorcoverings, work with suppliers to find, or invent local solutions to bring beauty and sustainability to life. What an extraordinary team, committed to the same green vision – with flair.

Join us for a discussion on the journey D12 has undertaken with Green School to ensure the interior design and decor meet our sustainability standards while inspire all that come onto our campus.

Thursday 27 August 2020 | 12:30 – 13:00 SAST

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