Join our Virtual Open Days!

Due to the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown, all our open days have been moved to a virtual platform. Our previous international open day meetings were so much fun, that we have a series of new dates to choose from – with particular themes for every meeting.

Click on the pictures below to book your family’s spot:

It is incredibly hard to explain what Green School is all about in words: pictures and videos tell the story in a much better way.

Join us for a visual virtual open day filled with pictures and videos that share our vision, the experience and what makes this school unlike any other – a magical, joyful place!

We will share the Green School experience for different age groups: kindergarten, primary school, middle school and high school, and add parents’ experience too.

  • How do kids experience this progressive international school?
  • What does a homework menu look like?
  • What do assessments look like?
  • How does a day in the life of Green School look like with proficiency, thematic and experiential classes?
  • What are the capstone experiences – My Footprints at Grade 5, Quest at Grade 8 and Green Stone at Grade 12?
  • What happens with Green School graduates? Where do they go and what do they do after leaving Green School?
  • How do parents experience Green School?
  • How do our friends and community experience Green School?
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