Welcome to Green School South Africa

Green School is a special place that has, over the last decade, proven that a new model of education is not only possible, but essential. It has taught us that a wall-less environment opens minds in ways no concrete box ever will; that true understanding only comes from hands-on experience instead of rote learning; that an authentic engagement with the local culture and community is incredibly enriching; and shown us time and time again that humanity’s progress starts from a child’s curiosity

Green School learners are different. As well as mastering the core competencies of maths and literacy in a highly supportive environment, they become effective collaborators and communicators, empowered decision makers, and willing risk takers. Through student-guided, hands-on projects they learn to think like entrepreneurs, ask the right questions, and be confident in their search for answers. In South Africa we celebrate the diversity and richness of our culture our learners learn how to be empowered members of the school community as well as the wider community in which they grow up. Most importantly, Green School learners cultivate a love of learning as a lifelong pursuit in and of itself.

A campus integrated in nature

Our school is situated close to Cape Town in the verdant Paarl-Franschhoek Valley. Surrounded by majestic mountains, this area is celebrated for its rich plant life and natural beauty.

Our campus is situated on 8 hectares of land, where indigenous and vegetable gardens, orchards and grain fields serve as outdoor extensions of our classrooms. These gardens not only teach us about maths and chemistry, but re-establish the tie between us as humans and our nourishment, and connect the school community to the land.

Building skills for the future

In addition to academic skills, Green School South Africa teaches skills for the future. Our sister school in Bali has, over the past 11 years, identified a key set of Green School Skills that form the backbone for all we teach.

These are:

  • Think creatively – Be original, be imaginative.
  • Activate – Feel empowered and empower others.
    Take action. Make a difference.
  • Adapt – Bend like bamboo.
  • Think critically – Dig deeper, ask why, make connections.
  • Be aware – Look within, figure yourself out.
  • Collaborate – Confident alone, stronger together.
    Find your way.
  • Think in systems – Step back and see the whole picture.
  • Communicate – Process, organise and coherently
    express ideas.
  • Solve problems – Figure it out, go for it, identify problems.

A school led by passionate educators

Green School South Africa is led by Andy Wood, an inspiring educator with more than three decades of teaching experience in South Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. He brings extensive experience of both the South African school context and International Baccalaureate schools in addition to his love of mountaineering, hiking and rock climbing.

Alba and Herman Brandt were so impressed by the extraordinary educational experience their three daughters enjoyed when they attended Green School Bali, that they were inspired to establish Green School South Africa when they returned to South Africa. They want to be able to share the joyful, creative, forward thinking approach to education with families in their community and beyond.

A school committed to sustainability

Driven by John Hardy, founder of the Green School movement, our school threads sustainability through the learning environment, curriculum and co-curricular activities. The design of our campus will model sustainability to our children as we look for innovative ways to maximise the solar energy possibilities, capture and reuse rainwater and minimise the impact we have on our environment. At every year level we have hands-on programmes to make learners more aware of the world’s sustainability challenges and how they can make a difference. Led by the example of Green School Bali and the success of student-led initiatives such as Bye Bye Plastic Bags, we will support the ambitions of learners to ensure that we make a positive impact on the environment together.
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Green School vision, values and learning programme, while also providing detailed information that will help you begin your Green School adventure.

An international network of schools

Yes, Green School South Africa, Green School New Zealand and Green School Bali are part of the global Green School network.  We collaborate to ensure that our curriculum standards and teacher professional development are of the same standards, recognising the unique context of each school. The school networks allow for exchange of students, teachers, staff and share best practices in sustainable curriculum.