Meet the Team

Head of School

“Green School is a place where the wonder of learning, inspiration and joy are at the heart of everything we do. Each child is loved and valued as an individual. It is a place where creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship flourish. Welcome to a school that inspires and equips its students and community to thrive with purpose, now and in the future. Our approach to teaching is built around 21st century learning skills. Beyond the taught curriculum, children will learn to be critical thinkers, to be adaptable and innovative, guided in their decisions by a clear sense of purpose. 

We believe in rigour and discipline, but those qualities should best grow within a child, rather than be imposed. As we prepare our children to succeed in a rapidly changing world, we seek to instil in them strong values that will enable them to be a force for good. Green School is a school that equips its students to embrace the joys and challenges of our complex world. Please come and meet us and see for yourself what this extraordinary school has to offer.”

– Andy Wood, Head of Green School South Africa


We had an extraordinary experience at Green School Bali that fundamentally changed how we see education. We saw a major change in our kids, the joy with which they went to school in the morning and the excitement on a Sunday evening. We could not get them to leave school in the afternoon, because they wanted to share with us the excitement of their day. They loved the extent of arts, music and drama as part of their normal week, they loved the opportunity to perform in front of the school on a weekly basis and they felt that they were mostly just playing. In talking with the Educators we realized just how much thought, research and passion went into curriculum design, the meticulous and rigorous development of weekly and daily programmes and yet the flexibility to adjust to each child’s unique level in each subject.

The low student:teacher ratio made an enormous impact on how individualised the teaching could be, how much time each child had to express their thoughts, contribute to discussions and raised their questions. We believe that this contributed significantly to the level of their engagement in classes and the extent to which they took ownership for their learning and enjoyed the journey.

We were also amazed at how the architecture of a campus effects everyone’s perspective of what is possible, the sense of freedom and creativity that comes from such wall-less structures. How watching the leaves blow in the breeze, listening to the river in the background and the natural light in classrooms created a very unique and memorable sense of place.

We are so excited to bring this concept home and to create a school filled with joy, teaching 21st century skills right here in our valley. A school that strengthens identity, sense of community and embeds sustainability in everything it does. 

We invite you to join us, as learners, parents, educators or community members, to share in the excitement and magic of building a Green School.


Having received her Honours degree in Publishing as well as Visual Communication with Art History and Film and Gender Studies, Carinè spent over 19 years in the publishing and media industry, working as a book and graphic designer, translator, stylist, photographer, social media manager and managing editor. 

She moved on to become a travel writer and visual storyteller and joined the National Geographic Into the Okavango Cuando expedition in 2018 as their social media producer. Carinè honed her photography, videography and editing skills on expedition with The Flipflopi, documenting the world’s first boat built from waste material sailing the #PlasticRevolution message down the African coastline. 

Staying with travel, sustainability and conservation, she discovered her passion for working with children when she filmed a school group on an adventure camp in Kenya. Green School gives Carinè the unique opportunity to utilise her skills towards all of her passions and purpose. She is an accomplished artist, has a deep love for the ocean and enjoys swimming, dancing, hiking, trail running, yoga, climbing, surfing and roller skating.

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